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Consumer Review: Creatine Changed The Color Of My Urine, But My Doctor Said Not To Worry.

I was a trainer over a decade ago (pre Creatine), and got away from it all. Now, at 35, I'm starting to lift again (now in Week 7). Three weeks ago, I started taking Creatine Monohydrate (from ProLab through GNC). I noticed some things that might add a little insight to this discussion.

Yes, with Creatine I had some hydration increases and gained some water weight. As a result, I also noticed a change in the color of my urine. Since I had liver damage from mono, I checked with my physician, who ran a liver and kidney function panel. No problems were found, but my hydration had changed.

Since my liver damage was 10 years back (from mononucleosis), I had no major side effects, and my kidneys have always been healthy. The doctor said that I would *probably* not have a problem with liver or kidney function. I mentioned this discussion, and he said that the supplement can stress the organs slightly at normal dosage, but no damage would happen unless I super loaded.

By reference, I am about 240 pounds (and am losing fat while lifting) and take about 10 grams a day, 40 when loading. The doctor said that some companies are suggesting 30 a day, and 120 when loading, and that's just too much liver strain for most people.

So, maybe Creatine can exacerbate (make worse) an already existing problem. Just like over-hydrating can lead to congestive heart failure. My understanding is that a normal dose (less than 5 grams/day per 100lbs, 4x that for a load once a month) won't typically cause problems in a normally healthy person.

If I find out different, I'll let y'all know.


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