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Consumer Review: Creatine Works If You Take The Right Dose, Make Sure It's Good Quality And Drink Tons Of Water.

Creatine seems to work wonders with some, but others claim it does damage. Some say its does what it claims, some say it causes health problems. Well, before we pass judgement, we must realize a couple of things. Are we taking creating properly? Is the source of my creatine actually good and am I using the supplement with a well-balanced meal and a hard workout?

Creatine does work, if you take it properly. The key word is IF. Why? Creatine powder does produce creatinine, yes a toxic or waste product or whatever you want to call it. I hear a lot of people say creatine is bad, I get sick, I get diarrhea. Well, do you know you are supposed to drink more water than normal. People suggest a gallon. That's a lot of water, but there's a reason. Water is one of our body's greatest workers. Water aids in the removal of toxic and waste products. Also, water is used as a transport mechanism. When you read this, you should have a little ring in your head. Why? Since creatine produces creatinine, a waste product, it aids in removal. Also use water to hydrate your cells. Creatine dehydrates your cells with all that powder you get. Ahhh, that's why I get diarrhea. When you become dehydrated, you get diarrhea unfortunately. Also, drinking this vast amount of water helps aid in production of muscle activity and water retention. People say its just water retention, but that's the best thing about creatine. Water retention is a signal that tells muscles that nutrients are in the muscle, so production is great. That is why you should take creatine after you work out with some sort of MRP or protein or lunch.

I know people who say, "Oh he got sick, he lost a kidney." Yes, this world is full of idiots who want muscles so bad, they'll do anything. There are a lot of naive people who think more is better. More is not better. In fact, the body can only take about 2.5 grams of creatine, the rest goes down the toilet.

Also, for you people who take it the right way, eat right, exercise, etc...go to the source. Creatine has a shelf life of only 6 months people. After that, it becomes, oh my god, yes, creatinine. SO maybe you thought you were taking creatine, but in reality you were pumping creatinine all this time. A lot of companies also don't use pure creatine. Before you use it, research it for yourself. If you dig, you can find out a lot of things about a company. Some are good and others are like gold diggers who just want your money. Also, some people say to just eat red meat. It takes many steaks to get the right amount of creatine because when you cook it, it loses creatine. Also, cancer from eating red meat is not tempting.

People, if you're going to use creatine, make sure you know what you're doing. It's good and bad in many ways because of the reasons listed. I use creatine, it's done me wonders, but I did a lot of research. Remember, you can do everything your supposed to do, but when something goes wrong, maybe it's not your fault. I would just suggest taking creatine in a dosage of 2.5 grams. People do loading phases, which is alright, but can waste creatine fast because your body can't take all of it and it goes down the toilet and you just lost 30-50 bucks. If you take it in a dosage of 2.5 grams, it will take longer, but help you a lot more in not putting creatinine in your system. Also, be sure to get some magnesium. The body depletes it when using creatine. It works best with peptides. Remember, you decide what you put in your body, just make sure you do enough research.

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