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Consumer Review: While Taking Creatine And Protein Supplements, I Got A Severe Pain In My Achilles Tendon.

I have been into bodybuilding for about 40 years. I am 54 now, and at 6'3"235lbs, I am an example of the benefits of weight training. Just like everyone, I never thought I was big or strong enough. I started experimenting for the first time with a combination of creatine, protein supplements, yohimbe and tribulus. Nothing much was happening until I started to add creatine. I gained 10 lbs, and for the first time in years, I put on 20 lbs on my bench. After discussing this with a respected guru and personal acquaintance, I was told to forget all the "other stuff" and take only the creatine and protein supplement. My strength and gains remained.

I then reread some material on creatine and discovered that you don't have to cycle it. I was already using 5 grams per day every day. The article said that 5 grams was for aerobic type or endurance athletes. It said that bodybuilders and weight trainers should take 15 grams per day in 3 divided doses, then 5 grams per day as maintenance dose after reaching the size and strength levels desired. First, who ever reaches the desired levels? I started to notice more gains. I gained a second 10 lbs of muscle, but not any more in my bench. I also started to notice pain in my left Achilles tendon. The pain and stiffness increased. It was a bit relieved by stretching, but not much. I had already been using anti-inflammatory stuff for a chronic lower back pain and stiffness. The back pain is better since I gave up heavy squats that seem to compress my spine. Now however, I was walking with a pronounced limp and pain. While playing golf, I severely twisted my knee, aggravating an old knee injury, and then of course swelling. I now could barely walk.

I contacted my friend, the guru. He advised I cut back on the creatine to 5 grams. This didn't help. I am now off of both the creatine and the protein supplement for ONE WEEK. The pain in my Achilles is just about gone, my knee is much better, I've lost about 5 lbs and just about maintained my strength levels. My wife thinks I'm crazy to experiment on myself like this. As a vegetarian for 25 years, I know the older you are, the less protein you need and can use. It becomes a major strain on your kidneys. Because I can see and feel a difference, I am almost ready to try to go back on 5 grams per day of creatine and leave out the protein supplement. Too much protein can cause gout and swelling, etc. I almost don't want to blame the creatine. I am interested in other's responses to creatine.

Mark L.

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