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Consumer Review: I Tore My Bicep Muscle After 3 Weeks On Creatine, And I Don't Think It's Just A Coincidence.

I am 38 years old and have been exercising practically all my life. I weight lift and ride cross country full suspension mountain bikes. I ride hard and work out hard. I started using creatine powder about 3 weeks ago. I loaded with 25 grams per day as I weigh 195 lbs. I took 5 grams per day to maintain. I have been drinking about tewlve 8oz. glasses of water per day, average. Despite all this, yesterday while working out, I tore my bicep muscle. It is pretty bad. How bad I won't know for 2 more days when I go to an orthopedic surgeon.

I have never before in all my years of training experienced a torn or strained muscle until now, using creatine. Coincidence? I don't think so. Just read these testimonials available. I am writing this in hopes of preventing the same or worse fate from happening to someone else, as I am sure these other people are also. Be very very careful and weigh the pros and cons before using Creatine. Personally, I know it is not worth using. Consider the fact that I now will have to go through surgery to reattach my bicep muscle, and no telling how many months rehabilitation. After all this is over with, I'll just have to start over and work my way back to the fitness level that I am at now. Not to mention the many thousands of dollars that I am about to fork out. Think about it very hard, and if you are someone like me, you will naturally say ,"That won't happen to me." Good luck.

Response #1

First of all, I would just like to ignore the fact that you are blaming this on creatine just for a second while I attack your other remark. Do you realize that if you actually tore your bicep, you would not be able to move your arm and you would be in so much pain that you would go straight to the hospital? Have you ever seen a bicep tear? It's when your bicep rolls up into a little ball up near your shoulder. Obviously, this excruciating pain is nothing that can wait a couple of days for the orthopedic surgeon. Wouldn't want to go to the hospital and get a real diagnosis before you analyze the injury yourself and then post your expert conclusion on the internet. Not to mention the fact that you are not only dealing with unbearable pain right now, you are typing (with one arm) a complete medical report on how creatine actually caused this injury. Did it ever occur to you that maybe your injury happened because you did not warm up or stretch properly? Then while doing your 208th super set of cable curls, your bicep muscle simply could not take the stress any longer? Besides the fact that this was probably the 15th consecutive bicep day for you.

Instead of blaming a supplement that not only adds strength, but also flexibility to your muscles, why don't you use your acute medical knowledge (which I see has been accumulated over the decades of private research and experimentation) and put the blame where it belongs. You are just another person who bashes creatine for no reason, and fails to look at the thousands (and I mean thousands) of long and short term experiments that have been done, that continue to prove that creatine has no harmful side effects. And the next time you think you are reading a reputable source and they say something bad about creatine, look for a reference to a particular experiment and you will surely find nothing. These claims are paper thin when it comes to scientific evidence, in fact the scientific evidence that is available only reaffirms the benefits of using creatine.

Remember this part in the Wizard of Oz: "pay no attention to the man behind the curtain" the next time you are reading bogus claims that read something to the effect of: "don't take creatine or else your kidneys will explode, you will get roid rage, it's a drug that damages the liver, you will be perpetually constipated, you will suffer severe bloating, scar tissue will result from the metabolic strain, loading causes acne, creatine increases the likelihood of seizure and stroke, causes impotence, bleeding ulcers, nervous system failure, Parkinson's disease-like symptoms, leprosy, mental retardation, impairment of the cerebral cortex, spinal injury, lung cancer, linked to pituitary disorders, playing a major role in paralysis from the waist down, complications while brushing your teeth, double or blurred vision, motion sickness, color blindness, hair loss or receding hairline, uncontrolled vomiting, drop in blood pressure, decrease in body temperature, not to be used if exposed to sunlight, memory loss, increase in facial hair and deepening of the voice, reduced ability to cope with stress, or (god forbid I repeat this) muscle tearing." That's all I have to say about this. Its all smoke and mirrors. Stop spreading the disease that is destroying bodybuilding and other sports-- the disease of ignorance.

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