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Consumer Review: Creatine Gave Me Intense Stomach Problems With Prolonged Vomiting On 3 Separate Occasions.

Last year I decided I wanted to get in shape. I was 17 and the trainers at my local gym set up a program for me to follow to gain muscle mass. At 147 lbs and 6'2 I was kind of scrawny. I went to the gym 5-6 days a week and worked out hard with creatine, amino acids, and protein shakes...all while eating healthily. I started gaining muscle mass at a tremendous rate...about 4 lbs per month. Then out of nowhere, four months into it I got the worst stomach disease I've ever gotten in my life. I was vomiting for about 12 hours straight. I got off the creatine and got back on two months happened again. I had enough of chemicals so I stopped everything. Then about two months ago, I got back on to only creatine (no amino acids, no protein shakes) because all the research I did told me there weren't any problems with taking creatine as long as you took the right dosage and drank enough water. I always followed the right dosage and was taking it in pill form.

Two weeks into, it I got sick again for the third time. Since then, I have been off all supplementation and have only returned to the gym a few days ago. I too wanted every advantage creatine or any supplement could offer me, but after 12 hours of vomiting up bile, I can tell you I don't want that experience again. I got checked by my doctor and talked to anyone "official" I could find. Everyone said well, creatine has not been proven to have any side effects. Bullsh––. Until I saw this web page, I had no idea about the controversy surrounding this drug. I've never had any health problems before, I've never even thrown up since I was 8 before this. No history of liver or any other problems in my family.

All my friends and family warned me to do it the natural way, but I wanted to surprise everyone by rapidly changing my body. Take it if it works for you, but be careful. I don't trust it.

My advice: Don't risk it.

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