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Consumer Review: I Had 2 Seizures After Taking Creatine. Now I Have Huge Medical Bills And Possible Long-Term Damage.

I really don't have the time to read all these false reports of "Oh yeah, Creatine is great, it's nice to have, the more the better." Bull S. I'm living proof that Creatine messes you up.

I have had 2 seizures now because of creatine. Maybe it's just my body chemistry. Maybe it's a gene that I have that makes me black out when I take the stuff. Maybe it's because I already have enough "creatine" in my blood, or something. I don't care and it doesn't matter. The makers of this stuff need to either put a HUGE warning on it (I took plenty of water and the correct dosage anyways), and the FDA needs to step in and, either take it off the market or at least make it to where it's not so damn easy to purchase. Then, when your personal doctor says it's OK for you to take it, and allows you to buy it, and you have problems, then it's his fault. Plain and simple.

There is obviously a lot of concern over creatine, so that means problems with this product. Something needs to be done about it. If creatine didn't cause so many problems, then there obviously wouldn't be so much discussion about it (common sense). So, speak for yourself. As for the people that take it and love it...FINE keep on taking it and loving it. Maybe your body can tolerate it and you are one of the exceptions. But don't come around and say that creatine is all safe and secure and doesn't cause any problems. IM LIVING PROOF! IM SITTING HERE WITH HUGE MEDICAL EXPENSES AND POSSIBLE LONG TERM DAMAGE FROM THIS DRUG.

As for the people who haven't taken it yet and are wondering if they should, please get yourself checked out by your doctor. I'm not telling you (or anyone) to not take it. I'm just saying take precautions. It's not the kind of risk you want to take. All the money these companies are making is going to have to go to their lawyers.

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