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Consumer Review: I Won't Use Creatine Until There Is More Information About Long-Term Effects.

Just want to add my thoughts on Creatine. I play second row in my rugby team and also weight train to help keep my strength and power up to suit the role. I decided I was going to start using Creatine to up my game and bought my self some pure Creatine monohydrate.

Being a bit cautious (like most intelligent people would be including yourselves because you have obviously done the same) I decided to find out as much info as I could before using it.

I think it's pretty clear by now that this info just doesn’t exist and 99% is down to people's opinion. Within my team there are guys that swear by the stuff then others who wouldn’t touch it for anything, and I think this is a reflection of this debate.

It's very early days for Creatine and unfortunately we're only going to find out at a later date the true long term effects but just a little thought is that a couple of generations ago people would argue that there where no harmful affects of smoking and its only now we have our relatives dying as a direct result of something they were led to believe was ok.

I have no doubts that Creatine works and I’m sure that if I was to start using the tub sitting at the end of my desk I would start to see great results but it simply comes down to: is it worth the risk?

With the aim of being a healthy, strong man I can’t bring myself to risk what this stuff might do to me. It seems to be simple common sense to me that if something is not naturally obtainable and your body is not designed to take it that it can't be good for you, the human body has evolved for thousands of years to get to this point so I’m sure it knows what is best for it.

If you think about it weight gain supplements are for convenience it would be possible to consume the calories through normal food just not practical. It is IMPOSSIBLE to intake the levels of Creatine through normal food this should tell you that maybe it’s just not meant to happen for a reason.

And some people can't take aspirin, consume shellfish etc. this is a completely different issue, you are talking about allergies etc. where talking about the long term effects on EVERYBODY. Creatine is potentially the next generation's cigarette.

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