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Consumer Review: I Believe Creatine Helped Me Increase My Muscle Mass, But I Experienced Headaches And Dizziness When I Took It.

I am a man in my 7th decade of life. For the last 30 years, I have been involved in light workouts, especially aerobic exercises, and therefore tended to maintain a fairly good muscle mass. About 7 months ago I noticed I was beginning to experience some wasting effect in the upper arms and shoulders, and in spite of increased exercises, I continued to lose muscle mass.

I consulted a friend about my problem and he suggested I try Cell-Tech, a creatine supplement product. I purchased the product and after reading the directions decided I would not take the amount recommended but would only take 2 tsp with a large amount of water four times a week after exercising. Within a week or ten days I began to regain muscle mass, especially in the upper arms, and I continued to use the product for about 4 months with continued positive muscle mass results.

In the fifth month, I began to experience intense headaches, dizziness, labile hypertension, and pressure and pounding in both ears. Three times I ended up in the emergency room. They did CT and MRI scans and could find nothing. They did blood work-ups and also found nothing. They finally decided to put me on Darvocete for the headaches and take a wait and see approach.

On my own, I decided to stop taking the creatine, and within a week began to have a lessening in the intensity of the headaches and pounding in the ears. After about three weeks, the dizziness abated and the hypertension remained in the normal range.

As men grow older, the body makes less and less creatine on its own, and maybe the older body cannot take an increase via supplementation. Or maybe my system was unable to handle it. I think there need to be more studies with older men before it can be safely recommended as a supplement. Use your own judgment.

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