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Consumer Review: When I Mixed Creatine With Grape Juice, It Fermented And Turned Into Wine.

I had heard about this new supplement called creatine and my entire rowing crew was giving it a try so I researched it and after a while picked some up. I was on the loading phase so I was using up a lot of creatine mixed with grape juice. I found that mixing it with juice in the morning took a lot of time because I needed to mix an entire day's supply. After several days I decided to start mixing the stuff the night before. It was working out great and I was using it regularly until I went out of town for a weekend.

The drinks that I had pre-mixed in a small plastic water bottles were left for three days. When I had returned on Monday to take the creatine drinks, I had discovered that the plastic bottles that I had mixed the creatine in had sort of expanded outward, there was a build up of pressure in the bottles! I was a little freaked so I slowly twisted off the cap to hear a loud hissss sound! Upon smelling the drink I discovered it to have a heavy smell of alcohol. It took me a while to sample the strange mixture, but when I did, to my surprise it was a pretty good tasting wine! THE CREATINE HAD FERMENTED THE GRAPE JUICE TO MAKE WINE, STRONG WINE!

I brought the drink into my chemistry teacher and after examining it he told me that I had found a way to make homemade wine. I am not writing this to aid anybody in getting a way out of liquor laws pr an alternative to buying drinks because I am still not sure of how safe, if at all, the drink is. PLEASE DON'T BE STUPID AND GET YOURSELF HURT but if anybody has any info in this experience, please post it.

Response #1

I read in one of those magazines that while in the testing phase, people who mixed their creatine with juice gained body fat. Your story doesn't sound too strange. Maybe stomach acid or warmth have a fermenting effect, thus causing the bodybuilder who drinks creatine with juice to become an unknowing alcoholic. LOL.

Response #2

If you leave plain grape juice not in a fridge over a weekend, it will ferment.

Response #3

If you read anything at all about creatine, you'll discover that you cannot pre-mix creatine. Once the stuff is wet, even with just plain water, it very quickly breaks down into non-effective chemicals. You pretty much have to drink it right away after mixing it. I don't know about its ability to aid in fermentation. Did you refrigerate the mixture?

Response #4

Just like the last comment, creatine breaks down after 10 minutes in water so basically you were drinking very expensive bad tasting grape juice that had no positive effects. Wise up guy and read up on the stuff before you take it.

Response #5

Creatine does not break down in 10 minutes. You can pre-mix it and drink it up to 8-10 hours later.

Response #6

The reason this happens when you mix creatine and grape juice is because if you mix creatine with any type of juice, its effects are canceled out. You are to mix creatine in a luke warm glass of water for best results.

Response #1 to Response #6

It is recommended that you take creatine with apple or grape juice. It isn't canceled out. Do some reading first. It cancels out with orange juice.

Response #7

You do not have to mix creatine with water. I mixed it with juice and got great results. It depends on how you exercise or workout. Stay with a daily routine for best results.

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