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Consumer Review: As A Martial Artist, I Found Creatine Helped Me Make Fater Gains, But It Reduced My Flexibility.

I'm a martial artist and am naturally inclined to be very lightly built. After doing weights for a year, I decided that I would try a short cycle (1 month) of creatine to see if I could make faster gains.

What I found was this. Creatine does help you make faster gains; my max bench press went from 85kg to 100kg (about 180lb to 220lb) as did all my other lifts. There were some very significant drawbacks, though. I had to drink about four litres of water a day for the first week and became very pumped up, but somewhat less defined than I was before. Secondly, my flexibility was greatly reduced from being able to do front splits to being able to lay my hands flat on the ground when bending forward. Afterwards I found I'd put on a bit of fat as well, though this was not a major problem for me to get rid of.

As for those reports of excessive aggression, I didn't find my mood was altered at all. Most likely the people who start fights when they get big are just trying to assert the status as big man frat boys who are too stupid to impress women any other way.

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