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Consumer Review: Creatine Helped Me Bulk Up, But It Had A Devastating Effect On My Heart.

I have read several submissions on this web site concerning creatine's negative effect on the heart. In my own experience, creatine served as a useful tool to bulk up for sports. The result of long term usage, on the other hand, has had a devastating impact on my heart.

I began feeling woozy after completing hard sets in the gym. There was great discomfort after doing so. I had a noticeable pounding sensation in my chest. My resting heart-rate went from 60 to 47. Anything under 60 results in brachycardia, which depending upon the shape of the person, can be dangerous. I stopped using the supplement and continued training.

Several months later, my heart began racing at sudden intervals. Then one night, for over two hours my heart rate stayed at 150 with Bp of 190/115 while I lay in a hospital bed. Ever since, I have had difficulty sleeping. I appear to have anxiety attacks where it feels like my heart becomes irritated, and my heart continues to race periodically. Testing does need to be performed. Please contact the FDA at and report instances of adverse side effects.

Response #1

I had a friend that started taking creatine and he complained of the same problem. He said that he felt like his heart was ready to jump out of his chest. He stopped taking it, and a couple of weeks later tried again and ran into the same problem. I have never heard of anyone else having this problem. Very interesting. I wonder what's going on here. I've taken creatine and never had any side effect except a lot of gas and discolored stool.

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Response #2

Where did you get your creatine? Many cheaper brands use a Chinese-made creatine which may or may not contain many potentially dangerous impurities. Always use a reputable brand which is tested by an independent lab for purity.

Response #3

People who are known to be prone to dehydration should make sure to intake lots of fluids or you WILL experience this condition. Adequate intake of fluids in excess of your normal levels is recommended with creatine because you never know if you are prone to dehydration until it actually happens. Don't blame the creatine, just DRINK!

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