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Consumer Review: Creatine Is Not A Drug! It's A Supplement That Will Help You Get Huge If You Take It Right.

LISTEN, CREATINE IS NO DRUG!! It is simply a way to get bigger and induce muscle strength. If people take it right, you won't have a problem later on down the road. You have to drink a lot and take in enough protein. Many of the problems people face are due to dehydration because many athletes believe they can dose on some creatine and go work out or play sports. Everything is not alright. You need to keep your water weight up. That's what creatine is all about. Creatine is not that new to the food and drug administration. NOBODY HAS EVER FOUND ANYTHING WRONG WITH CREATINE. If you take it properly, you will be happy with the effects!

You should also take any kind of powder protein with it. You will be HUGE in no time! I'm tired of people talking trash when there is no proven facts or evidence about the supplement. I recommend taking full doses for the first five days and then 5g after. You should stop taking it when you feel you've gained some strength and size. Go back on it after a couple of weeks, but still lift and drink a lot of water. If you are satisfied with the supplement. I'm glad. Keep lifting and use creatine if you choose to, but really there is nothing to worry about.

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