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Consumer Review: Here Are My Five Suggestions To Help You Get The Most Out Of Creatine.

*Buy only German-made creatine: no impurities (just check to see what brands use German-made creatine).

*Drink 120oz to 160oz of water.

*Consume your creatine with at least 60 grams of carbs (preferably dextrose) for insulin spike (without this, only 10 percent of population will see results).

*Only take creatine first thing in morning or right after workout. Any other time is a waste and unnecessary.

*Stop listening to M.D.'s and the FDA (when it comes to supplements and fitness products). They are only there to push whatever drug the pharmaceutical companies want them to. Think about it. Creatine can be made by anyone, so they can't make any money on it (compared to their drugs). Stop being sheep and decide for yourselves. Do research.

Response #1

The FDA is not there to push whatever the pharmaceutical companies want to sell, but is there to make sure that what is being sold is safe under the recommendations provided with the particular drug. They are also there to make sure that possible side effects are made known to the consumer.

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