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Consumer Review: Thanks To Creatine, I Recover After Intense Lifting In Just 20 Minutes. My Friend Who Is Not On Creatine Takes At Least A Day.

I am a 16 year old athlete from the UK. I weigh 170 pounds and stand 6 ft 1. The product I have been using is EAS Phosphagen, which is a creatine monohydrate supplement. I read many articles on creatine prior to purchasing, and I continue to read upon the subject to keep up to date with any developments in the understanding of this product.

As for the results I have seen while training 5 times a week on creatine, they are very pleasing. I can train for much longer than I could before, and my recovery after a work out is unbelievable. I normally work out with a friend. We do very similar weights, but I have noticed that after an intense session he needs a day or two rest before the aching goes away. For me, the aching stops about 20 minutes after exercise. I am also able to lift greater weights for much larger reps and more sets.

The only side effect I have noticed is muscle cramps when insufficient water is taken into the system. Most companies seems to say 120 to 160 oz of water per day while training on creatine, which is certainly correct. If you don't, you will suffer for it and probably begin to experience the side effects other people are complaining about.

One of my concerns is that all the products I have looked at come with no advice regarding taking the creatine in cycles of 3 weeks on/3 weeks off. I have now only just started to do this after 3 months because I read these forums. So many people must have, and must be, taking creatine for massive periods of time without realizing the damage they could be causing by doing so.

I believe that if you take this supplement in moderation and drink sufficient water, the risk is reduced. I have also been told that taking it with orange juice spikes insulin levels in the body and isn't good for the body, whereas a GNC employee said that this was the best way to take it because of this "spike." If somebody could clarify this, I'd be grateful, even though I do take it with water.

Any responses will be appreciated.

James B.

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