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Consumer Review: I'm A High School Lacrosse Player. Creatine Gave Me Great Results, But Also Bad Leg Cramps.

Hi, I am an 18 yr. old HS senior and I am a captain on my lacrosse team. I took creatine right before the season and continued to do so in the first few games of the season. The results were tremendous. I was lifting more than I had ever lifted and I had gained ten pounds! Creatine works. However, after a few games, I had to discontinue my use of creatine because I started getting bad leg cramps. My calves and hamstrings would become dehydrated during games and cramp up. Then after the games, I would get severe muscle spasms in my legs. I feel that it was because I wasn't drinking enough water, but c'mon, I was drinking more than I usually do and my bladder couldn't hold all of that extra water. Season's over now so I'm going to start back up on creatine in hopes of bulking up for next season in college. Creatine works as long as you can drink enough water.

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