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Consumer Review: Creatine May Relieve Heartburn And Help People Recover From Heart Attacks.

I just read all of the negative and positive responses to Creatine. My Dad is a doctor who teaches at a medical university in the Midwest. They are currently doing a study on the effects of Creatine because it has been linked to improved recovery from heart attacks and could be an unbelievable cure for heartburn and indigestion.

My husband had major back surgery two years ago and began taking creatine, hoping it would help his body recover. Well, the doctor was amazed at his progress and now recommends it to other recovering patients. He has suffered from heartburn for years (lived on Rolaids), but about ten days after starting creatine, he realized he hasn't had heartburn since! TWO YEARS and no heartburn...unbelievable! Watch for new studies. From what my Dad says, there are no major side effects if you take it as directed, if you work out to burn it through your system and DRINK LOTS OF WATER!


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