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Question: Should I Take Creatine And HMB Every Day, Or Only On The Days That I Workout?

I'm getting ready to start using creatine and hmb. I was wondering, should I take these supplements everyday or only the days I workout?

Question epanded by another reader:
I am a 16 year old track athlete who has just started trying HMB. I have numerous questions about this product that hopefully you can answer.

I lift weights three days a week? Should I take HMB everyday or just on training days? On the bottle of my medicine, it says to take four tablets three times a day. This is an incredible amount of pills two swallow. I have decided to take two with every meal, which make my intake 1.5 grams a day? Will I still see results with half the amount? Is it ok to work my way up 3 grams?

Finally, track does not start until the spring time, so should take this only during the in season, or is it okay to take it during the off season and pre season too? I know this is a lot to answer but a reply would be greatly appreciated?


Answer #1

You should take 2-3 grams of HMB on your workout days and creatine before and after workouts. Don't forget to eat a good, balanced diet and maybe a good vitamin supplement.

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