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Question: Will Creatine Help Me Lose Weight?

I am presently taking creatine monohydrate after losing about 60 pounds. I have a lot of flab and skin and am trying to tone up and lose about another 45 pounds. Am I using the wrong stuff?

Answer #1

I think that you would be better off not using creatine if you want to lose weight, as by using creatine, you will actually tend to gain weight. Granted some of this weight gain is only from hydration of the muscles, but if your actual weight is the issue you would be better off just on a well-balanced diet and regular exercise. However, if you are trying to fill some of that loose skin up again with muscle instead of fat then you should continue to take it. But as with all things, talk to people YOU know who have taken creatine, be sensible and don't over do it.

cheers and best of luck

Answer #2

Hey, I might be able to help you out a bit with your weight loss problem and also help you fill out the skin with muscle. I used Ripped Fuel by Twin Lab for about 2 months and I lost a total of about 15 lbs. on it. For me, losing that much is A LOT, seeing how there is not much for me too lose fat wise. The stuff REALLY works, so you could use that along with creatine to help build muscle. The only thing is that I don't know how well the 2 would react with one another. Hope I was of some help to you.


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