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Question: How Can I Eliminate Or Reduce Stomach Cramps Caused By Creatine?

Since I started using creatine, I have experienced severe stomach cramps when doing sit-ups. Is there something that can be done to lessen or eliminate the cramps?


Answer #1

I experienced the same thing. Just keep doing the ab work and it'll go away.

Answer #2

I had the same problem. The only thing thats stops these stomach cramps for me is drinking at least 2 litres of water a day and slightly lowering the dosage. Also, if you are taking any other supplements with your creatine, this could be causing the cramps.

Answer #3

I totally agree with response #2. You should lower the dosage and drink more water with this product! And you should also randomly cycle the product or it can build up and give you double kidney failure (NO LIE). It's a relatively safe supplement if taken correctly. Hope this helped.


Answer #4

Take liquids that have high concentrations of sugar in them. It will help utilize the creatine better and stop the cramping up. I use grape juice. Use something high in sugar though.

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