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Question: Is Joe Weider Creatine A Good Brand?

Is Joe Weider Creatine a good brand of creatine to buy, and does it work as well as most brands of creatine?

Answer #1

I have just started lifting again after a nine year absence due to a major illness. I started using Joe Weider's Creatine (700mg capsules--7 capsules a day) and have only used it for 2 weeks. However, I have gained about 3 pounds since starting and have only had one side bowel movements are more frequent and more "foul smelling." However, I cannot attribute this to the Creatine alone since I have been eating more since I started working out again. I would recommend the Joe Weider brand. I seriously doubt Joe would put his name on inferior products.

Answer #2

I have had the best results with EAS and have tried at least 4 other brands (Weider included). I think or what I recall, EAS was the first to come out with it so I think they may have the edge on most of the competitors. I had great gains with it but with the others I only got headaches (literally). Try both, different metabolisms react differently with different brands. Just as one work out may work great for me, it might not for you.

Also, if you are experiencing any troubles with taking creatine, especially stomach cramps, try switching to a micronized brand. Just simply means it absorbs into your system better. Just do not over do it, stick to what the instructions say. Any doctor will tell you, your kidneys have a tough time breaking down proteins and creatine is pure protein (roughly the equivalent of 2 1/2 lbs of uncooked red meat worth of protein per dose). So stick to your cycle, then break from it for a few weeks and ride it out. If you do not, you're actually wasting the creatine because once your body reaches it's max storage capacity it can hold no more (better referred to as the "loading dose").

Answer #3

I would like to let you know that I have had nothing but great results in performance while utilizing JOE WEIDER Creatine. I have gained 5+ lbs and my strength has increased. I have explosive strength during weightlifting sessions and have been able to dispel the myth of "creatine slows you down on long distance runs." I happen to think that it is all how you approach it. Along with weights, I run on average 50+ miles and still weigh around 215lbs.

Answer #4

When I first starting taking creatine, I was looking to get stronger for football. I bought Joe Weider because I found it at a Costco store for half the cost of GNC creatine. Everyone told me it was bad, just because they paid twice as much for theirs. But I gained 10 lbs in three weeks, and my squat, which had plateaued, went from doing sets of ten of 315 to 385 in two months. So, Weider works, and if you live anywhere near a Costco, get your creatine there.

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