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Consumer Review: I Believe The High Dextrose Level In EAS's Phosphagen HP Prevented Me From Gaining Lean Mass.

I have been using creatine for the second time. The first time I used creatine, I used EAS's Phosphagen HP. I saw good gains in mass. I lifted weights for about and hour and a half, 5 days a week. I went from 185 to 195 lbs after four months of using creatine. The problem with this brand was the high amount of dextrose. I believe this prevented me from gaining a good amount of lean mass and never let me really tone my stomach.

I quit using creatine and lifting weights for about a year and recently began again. I purchased X-rated's 99% pure creatine (crystalline) and I believe that it has helped me make quick gains. I have also been taking whey protein shakes. I have gained four pounds of lean muscle mass within three weeks. I have also noticed more definition in my body. I have no complaints with this product and recommend it.

I believe the reason people don't find creatine working for them is because they don't know what they're doing. They go into the gym and fool around and lift with sloppy form. Also, they probably don't eat right to go along with creatine to find good gains. I don't believe that the creatine is not working, I believe that the person is not working correctly to benefit from creatine.

Response #1

I have heard from various articles that an insulin spiking due to simple carbohydrates causes absorption of protein to proper areas including muscle to be diverted, and hence can possibly store as fat. I don't know as to what extent this can be true, however in making hypertrophy gains, protein is a big factor. This might be the reason why you were not making gains with the added dextrose. of course, this is if you were taking it with a protein source. The thing that concerns me the most is that creatine is supposed to be absorbed best with a simple carbohydrate transport source so I don't see why it would have a negative effect.

Response #2

I have just read what you have said and you are right. The reason these people are babbling about creatine not working well is because they are doing something wrong. I am 15 years old, nothing wrong with me as far as taking creatine goes, and I look better than I have ever looked!!!

Response #3

I believe anyone who can gain 10lbs. of lean mass in only 4 months is doing pretty good. Some people find it hard to gain that kind of weight in one year. Also, your metabolism, age, diet, and work-out regime play the key factors in your gains. Your metabolism changes with your age. Obviously you are now at least one year older, and your metabolism will change once you start exercising again.

Dextrose helps carry the creatine to the muscles, and I don't see how the dextrose could have hurt you, unless it was a lousy manufacturer. For people wanting to see great gains like I have, especially in lean muscle mass and strength, try this combination: Creatine Monohydrate, Dextrose, Chromium Picolinate, L-Taurine, and an Alpha-lipoic acid. I am not a doctor. I have not had any side effects to my knowledge, and have gained 10lbs. of lean mass in only 5-6 weeks. I think, as with many supplements, you have to stick with something for about 6 weeks before decide the product is not working. I know my list of supplements is expensive, but it's worth it if you want Barbie to dump Ken and come to you. Also, it is a hell of a lot cheaper to buy products on-line or mail-order than say a GNC.

The Rock

Response #4

I think that you are just asking too much from your supplement. You can't expect to become Arnold in that short of a period of time. Furthermore, a lot of popular body builders claim to only have that defined six pack right before body building events. They then extensively diet right before the event. They said further, that it's not even that healthy to have that defined of a six pack.

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