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Question: Any Truth To The Rumor I Heard That Creatine Constricts Blood Vessels And Circulation Especially Around The Heart?

A friend told me that he read some study about how creatine can constrict the blood vessels around the heart. Have you heard of this and do you have any idea where I could get this study? Any truth to the rumor I heard that creatine constricts blood vessels and circulation especially around the heart?

Answer #1

I've been taking Creatine for about a month and I haven't had any of the side effects that you described. However, if the stuff is messing with your kidneys and circulation, then I would stop taking it immediately. Remember, Creatine is not FDA improved. There are no studies as to what Creatine does to your body over a long period of time and it also might effect different people in a negative way. If I was you, I would play it safe and ditch the stuff. It's always better to be safe then sorry.

Answer #2

Though I'm not a doctor, from first hand creatine use I would consider it very possible. I've noticed myself what appears to be slight spider veins appearing on muscles I've worked the hardest on that particular day. Also, my friend has high blood pressure (mine is lower than average) and sometimes I experience side effects similar to what he describes as being associated with increased blood pressure such as headaches, tightening of my muscles, and sleeplessness. In it's defense, though, I have definitely seen phenomenal results.

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