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Question: Do Creatine And Phosphorus Work?

I have a question concerning creatine. Simply, does it work. It is the only dietary supplement I am aware of that has received good reviews from essentially everyone involved. This includes people I know who have used it, and several health and fitness magazines. Have you tried creatine or phosphorus (the one in the case at GNCs)? If so, what sorts of results have you fond them to produce?

Answer #1

I used the creatine and phosphorus supplement from GNC and was pleased after use. I lift usually everyday for about 1 to 1.5 hours a day. After using this product for a week, I noticed results in the amount of repetitions I was able to do. I lift pretty hard, and I was at a peak in my training until I started using these products. It just seemed like I had more energy and I wasn't as sore from a hard workout. Without the pain and with the extra energy, I was able to get in more reps and do an extra set. I'm doubting this stuff is a placebo because I have a high tolerance for pain, and I do as much as I can all the time and from using this product I could do more.

An example is when I was doing buddy curls that started 10,9,8,7...1 and at set 1 we always did a "burn out." I was getting around 20 reps for a period of about a month on the last set. After taking these products, my burnout rep has been around 30 with an extreme case being 45. I was totally amazed! After all this, without the supplements, we would feel dead and waste time before moving on in the workout. Now that we have been taking the supplements, we get done, are astonished, and move on right away.

I believe it could be the fact that phosphate is getting into the muscles after the burn adenosine triphosphate (ATP) and make it to (ADP) 1 phosphate less for flexing the muscle. This product seems to put the phosphate back on so you can do more and feel more energetic. It has worked good for me and many other people, but I've heard that it's hard on the kidneys because the body naturally produces ATP. Supposedly, your body will stop if you are on the product for too long. I suggest trying it, but cycling it: like 2 months on and 1 off.

Answer #2

My experience suggests that there are individuals for whom creatine does not work regardless of their trainer, training, or consistency with current dosage practices. It has even been postulated by some researchers that there may be a genetic link to this.

Answer #3

I find it doubtful that creatine does anything more than make the body retain water and exercise the kidneys! In aqueous solutions creatine forms creatinine. Aqueos and alkaline solutions contain an equilibrium of creatine and creatinine. In acid solutions the formation of creatinine is complete. Cannan, Shore, Biochem. J. 22, 924 (1928)

Creatinine is the end product of creatine catabolism and is a normal constituent of urine. The human stomach contains acid, hydrochloric to be exact. Creatinine can be prepared by treating creatine with HCL. Edgar, Hinegardner, ibid. 56, 881 (1923)

So, you can see that creatine has been around since the mid-twenties and studied by real scientist. Most studies done by supplement makers are not double-blind studies done under strict control. Furthermore, it is more often than not recommended that the supplement be taken with juice. Some supplements even claim to contain transport factors like dextrose. Dextrose is the same as d-glucose...sugar plain and simple. Sugar before exercise gives you energy. Creatinine is excreted by the kidneys. The body retains more water so it can do it's job. The supplement spin-doctors call this the 'Volumizing effect' . In english it's called getting bloated!


Answer #4

I have been using creatine from EAS (Phosphogain) and found it to work really well. In 6 months, I have gained 25lbs of muscle (175 to 200) and increased my bench press max (6 reps/good form) from 200 to 250. My squats increased from 225 to 315.

Answer #5

This stuff works. I'm 17 years old and have been on creatine for 2 weeks now. It's amazing. I've added muscle mass along with being more ripped. It's great.

Answer #6

I started using creatine about four months ago. I followed the directions and started with a heavy "bulk-up" phase. My first reaction was a weight gain with no noticeable gain in endurance or strength. I went from 199 to 211. I then employed the recommended on/off process -- two weeks on and one week off. Slowly, my strength seemed to increase. My Nautilus bench press went from 140 to 170 -- all with proper 6 second form. My overhead press increased from 130 to 150. My seated row increased from 160 to 200. All without breathing hard!

Now I use creatine on my back/biceps days and my chest/triceps days. My legs are fine and need very little encouragement. I do CV every other day when I do my legs, abs, and middle torso. My weight has started to come down - 203 today -- and the result is more muscle and less obvious surface fat.

Answer #7

I had been taking creatine and meal replacement powders and experienced a tremendous gain in size, about 11 lbs in 3 weeks. I constantly felt like my muscles had water injected in them. I was taking about 20-25 g per day about 4x per day. After about the first 2 weeks the only thing I noticed was that I had a hard time going to the bathroom. I also developed an extreme case of hemmorhoids! This was painful and I seemed to be excreting some blood as well. I then got sick after my 3rd week for about 4 days. A week later I pulled my lower back out doing Leg curls of all things. After a month and a half, I stopped taking all the supplements.

I don't think enough is reported on the damage the internal organs receive from these foreign substances. I don't know how it can process these excess chemicals. I see no difference in creatine or some of these other so called "safe" supplements.

Gene H.

Answer #8

I was a gymnast when I was 11 to 13. At age 17 (now), after a long period of just lifting, I've gone back into it. I've been taking creatine for a few weeks now, and the drastic amount of improvement, which is positively not just a fluke, seems even to me to be insane. Working out about 4 hours a day, I went from fairly muscular with very little body fat to extremely muscular with very little body fat. My tumbling passes and vault have become at least twice as explosive, and my endurance is a lot better as well. Just try the stuff, it's crazy.

Answer #9

I have been using Liquid Creatine) for about a month now. I have had very little weight flux, but a lot of definition, energy, strength, stamina and about a 1/4 inch mass increase. There is no bloating or dehydration from the liquid form. Regardless of what the critic's say, there is definitely something to Creatine (only time will tell).

Answer #10

I have used creatine on and off. The days that I am on it, I am able to lift a lot more and finish an extra set. I am 15, weigh 165 and after taking creatine and ripped fuel for about four weeks, I noticed a lot of changes. My bench went from 185 to 210 and my squat went from 315 to 330. So, in conclusion this stuff really works!

Answer #11

A few FACTS just to give readers a change of pace:

* Creatine builds up over time and taking it only on workout days makes no sense.
* Results after two weeks are from something else or just water gain.
* The stuff doesn't build muscle, it builds up a substance in the muscles that lets you work harder...and therefore gain more.
* It works, and it just might have side duh...don't go overboard.
* At least it doesn't screw with the hormones like other supplements.
*This, like cigars is not for teen boys. They don't need it. And besides, they get to screw teen girls so no fair they have this too.

Answer #12

I have to say from experience, that creatine does work for some people and not for others. Even for the people that it does work for, it is in different degrees. I myself have been taking the new ATP advantage creatine serum, while my cousin has started taking EAS creatine powder. At first he made a nice improvement in lifting while I stayed about the same, but then all of a sudden, after the second week of taking it, there was a change! I started gaining a lot of lean mass and my strength shot through the roof. Still, low and behold, there was my cousin not making any progress whatsoever.

It seems that the entire time we have been on these product, I have kept moving forward while he stays in the same rut. The only thing he has to show for it is the enormous hole in his wallet and the 10 lbs. of water he is retaining while I am gaining a much leaner, nicer looking body.

Maybe they are right and creatine does not work for everyone or maybe the creatine serum is just a better product. This I don't know, but all I can say is that I have seen the results of both, and from what I have witnessed, the serum is much better, cheaper, and lower maintenance than this nasty tasting powder crap.

Another thing that could play in is the protein. Everyone knows that you have to have protein to gain in strength or in mass. As with the creatine, we both bought different protein supplements. While my cousin bought Designer Protein, which is no doubt a good product, I bought NITRO-TECH, which is a fairly new product that is based more on nitrogen transfer. You never know. It could be the creatine or maybe the protein, but all I know is I am feeling and looking great and he is jealous.

In closing though, I think the best route for anyone is to just stick with the good old fashioned protein shakes. They are probably the safest way to get where you want to be. All you have to do is apply a little effort.

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