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Question: Is It Dangerous To Use Ripped Fuel As A Teenager?

Is it dangerous to use Ripped Fuel as a teenager? If so, why?

Question expanded by another reader.
I am a 16 year old male who has been using Ripped Fuel for about 4 weeks now. The suggested dosage is outrageously high, it says not to exceed 6 capsules a day. I only take 1, about 30 minutes before my workout. I noticed great results. I have lost about 6 pounds and I increased my flat bench by 25 lbs.

I have been reluctant to continue taking Ripped Fuel because of the recent studies on stimulants. While I have heard that I should not take Ripped Fuel as a teenager, I have also heard it is okay as long as I limit my intake. With all these reports flying around, it's impossible to know the facts. Does it cause long term heart problems, and should a 16 year old male not be taking stimulant containing supplements, regardless of the dose size?

Answer #1

Yes, it is unhealthy for teenagers to use Ripped Fuel. Hell, it says it on the back. If you are a teenager, do not use Ripped Fuel. You must develop your internal organs and muscles more. Hit the gym my friend. When you are 18 or older, then you can get scientifically cut up.

Response #1 To Answer #1

Someone said it is dangerous to use Ripped Fuel as a teenager, but why? What are the effects of that on growing kids? I know that caffeine can deplete your calcium stores, but if one is getting enough calcium, it shouldn't be a problem.

Answer #2

Ripped Fuel was the ultimate cause of death for a teenager in Fillmore, California. Rosanna P. was a 15 year old girl who collapsed on a soccer field after taking Ripped Fuel Tablets. Rosanna died three days later. Rosanna had an asymptomatic heart condition and the stimulant triggered a heart attack. Members of Rosanna's high school class also took Ripped Fuel and most of the teenagers reported severe nausea and tachycardia. Three or more premature ventricular beats in succession usually indicates tachycardia.

John T.

Answer #3

I'm an 18 year old male, and I've been taking ripped fuel with testosterone booster for the past 3 weeks. The results are great, I've never felt better. I'm able to work out twice as long and twice as hard as ever before. I'm full of energy all the time. Just yesterday I went out to a park and ran 8 miles, and felt great, I've never ran 8 miles before. I'm also making muscle gains quicker than ever.

As far as side effects go, I often have mild bouts of aggression. For example, randomly slamming things down. I have begun to read terrible things about this supplement, and am reluctantly considering to stop using it. I've never had any health problems at all, and I'm wondering why I should stop taking this product, despite all of the advantages I feel? Is this energy just a short term effect of the Ripped Fuel? And also, what are the long term effects to my health by using this product? What I really need to know is, should I stop taking it?

Thank you very much for your time, and I hope you respond.


Answer #4

Take the regular Ripped with the red label and you'll lose the temper. Same great effect.

Answer #5

I am a sophomore in Oklahoma who has not taken Ripped Fuel. I have seen great results just by working hard. As a teen, I have plenty of energy and my metabolism is plenty fast. Without taking this, I have gone from struggling with 200lbs to getting 320lbs on my flat bench press fairly easily within a year. So, if you are a teen wanting to take Ripped Fuel, don't waste your money.

Answer #6

I'm an 18 year old male who takes ripped fuel. I think kids 16 or older who are in good health should not have a problem taking this supplement, unless they have a heart condition of some sort. If you have high blood pressure, heart palpitations, a murmur - anything like that, stay away from it! At the very least don't take more than one before workouts.

If you're in good health, just make sure to take reasonable breaks during your workout, drink a lot of water, and DON'T O.D.! Two Ripped Fuel's before a workout is plenty for a teen. I would not recommend taking any more unless you are in very good cardiovascular shape and you have been exercising regularly. During one workout in which I took 3, I was on the exercise bike and didn't even notice that for around 5 minutes my heart rate was just about 200. If you're in good shape and you get your heart rate up like that, you'll be able to deal with it. I just felt a little sick afterwards and had to cool off.

If you have any heart conditions, something like that can cause a heart attack. So I would say stick with one ripped fuel (20 minutes before a workout) for most teens, 2 for 18 year olds or serious athletes below 18, and 3 for occasional workouts if you feel you are in absolute peak condition and you want to have a real hardcore workout.

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