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Consumer Review: I Am A Recovering Alcoholic And I've Found Ginseng Tea To Be A Great Replacement For The Booze.

I am a recovering alcoholic. Instead of drinking liquor at parties, I sip on a batch of spearmint-flavored caffeine-free sugar-free ginseng tea. It promotes my overall well being. When I drink it, it is easy to smile and I am a nicer guy, as opposed to the stupid, sloppy, or hostile drunk. It makes me pee just as much as if I were drinking booze, but it doesn't make me pass out or throw up. There is no coming down. If you even notice the effects wear off, you don't feel any worse than before you drank it. A lot of guys clown me for drinking it, but it doesn't bother me because, at the time of drinking it, I am completely stress-free! Ginseng is a great herb!

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