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Consumer Review: Herbalife Let Me Conquer Fibromyalgia And Gave Me My Life Back.

I have suffered from Fibromyalgia for eight years, I put on weight, was always in pain, exhausted and unable to hold a job. I started on Herbalife to lose weight, and within two days I was totally amazed to discover that I felt great! All the symptoms of my Fibromyalgia have disappeared and I have lost over 25 pounds. I also have had the opportunity to meet six other people who were able to get their Fibromyalgia into remission and gain their lives back for many years. I am so happy with the way I feel, I will never stop taking Herbalife!


Response #1

Dear Corinna,

I read what you had written on this page and find it hard to believe. I want to know more! Is Herbalife a drug that is used for weight control or is it a herb? I have heard a lot about Herbalife, but never experienced it for myself. I am looking for ways to lose weight and hopefully feel a lot better. I have been diagnosed with mixed connective tissue disorder, which is, fibro, lupus and rheumatoid arthritis all in one. I was wondering if this product would work for me. It sounds absolutely amazing.

The only problem I have is I need something that is not expensive because I live on an extremely fixed income that I can barely afford to live on, and I can't spare any extra money on products to help me lose weight. I gained a lot of weight since my car accident and have had a very hard time losing it because I cannot exercise the way I used to. I guess I am just looking for answers that don't exist. Hopefully, one day I will feel good again and the pain will go away. One of the major things I need to do for my health is lose weight because I have bad disc in my neck and back and the weight has to come off. I have very bad eating habits. I don't eat but once a day, and then it isn't much. Sometimes I binge and eat quite a bit, but for the most part I don't eat. I thought you could help me with more information about Herbalife. It may be just what I am looking for.

Please respond about this product and how much it costs and how fast it works. I know it is wishful thinking, but I would like to lose weight fast and keep it off. Is this possible? I don't know, but hopefully I will find out soon. Thanks for reading my reply and I hope I didn't bore you to tears. Just a simple gal looking for a simple solution. Is it out there? We shall see.

Response #1 to Response #1

This is for the person who wants to try Herbalife but doesn't want to spend too much money. Well, good thing you asked! I was going to try Herbalife on several friends' recommendations, and spoke to a Herbalife salesperson (by the way, they are VERY persuasive). Anyhow, I found out that it's a diet program of two shakes, one for breakfast, one for lunch, and a light dinner. Sound familiar? YUP, it's the Slim-Fast plan!!! Only at about five times the price! Oh, and you have to buy a whole bunch of vitamin "supplements" and "natural appetite suppressants."

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