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Consumer Review: I Wanted To Say Something About This HMB, A Fairly New Supplement That Bill Phillips And EAS Have Been Promoting As The Best Supplement Since Creatine

I wanted to say something about this HMB, a fairly new supplement that Bill Phillips and EAS have been promoting as the best supplement since creatine. I used this supplement for a full month when it first came out. At the time, MTI (Metabolic Technologies Incorporated), had not licensed it out to any other companies for sale and distribution. So I had to order it directly from them. A one month supply cost me almost $100 and it took 7 weeks to come in. And from what I know, EAS is still selling it for about the same price as that "Betagen" stuff, (HMB/phosphagen combo). Well I'm here to tell you, that stuff isn't worth the bottle it's packaged in. In 4 weeks of use, I saw nothing, nada, zero results form it. In my opinion, this stuff is the biggest scam since someone tried to sell someone else ocean front property in Arizona. My advice, stick to creatine, some other good supplements, or juice if you can find it. But whatever you do, avoid that HMB crap at all costs.

Response #1

Regarding Bill Phillips: He is a marketing mastermind. Or, I should say, he has mastered the techniques taught to him by Dan Kennedy. Kennedy is a respected author of marketing, sales, and business titles. Don't feel bad about being "suckered" by his techniques. But for heaven's sake, don't be suckered again! Good marketing doesn't mean it's a good supplement. Buyer beware!

Whenever you're considering a new supplement, do your homework. You should be able to explain to anyone why it works or doesn't work (by way of science) and why you're taking it.

I did my homework before taking creatine monohydrate and I understand that creatine is necessary for muscular contractions (along with ATP). Although we should keep in mind that creatine is already produced by our bodies, and consumed from meat products (especially beef). So, taking it as a supplement is not an act of wizardry. Also, most people's bodies make around 5g of creatine naturally. Your body will make less creatine as you ingest more, so you may need to ingest 10g of supplementary creatine monohydrate to continue an enhanced affect, not 5g (as is often indicated on the package). If you don't want to take 10g every day, then cycle it at 5g/day doses.

I take creatine monohydrate (although I'm not foolish enough to pay EAS through the nose for it) and have had good results. It doesn't matter if it's EAS or not. All that matters is that it's lab certified at 99.9% pure, or there abouts. I think we should think of creatine monohydrate as a "plateauing supplement". By that I mean that it may make you 10 percent stronger than you would be, but don't expect 200 and 300 percent. If it sounds too good.......

Response #2

I tried this stuff and you are correct, absolute garbage. It seems creatine and a good whey protein is the way to go.

Response #3

I think, in time, most of us wise up and realize that the best results come from our hearts, the gym, the outdoors, and the grocery store! As a former EAS customer, my only regret is having fallen prey to the marketing ploy that has created a multi-billion dollar industry out of sport supplements as a whole.

On one hand, you feel angry, but on another you have to respect Bill Phillips. He is one heck of a marketing genius! The man was named entrepreneur of the year a while back for that very reason.

At any rate, I share your opinion and wanted to let you know.

Response #4

I'm not certain I concur with the overall hostility on this page toward Bill Phillips and EAS products in general. Up front: I'll tell you, yes...I am presently in one of Bill Phillip's 12-week challenges. Yes, the contest stipulates EAS supplementation only, and yes, I've shelled out well over $500. since I started this at the end of July. But all that being said, you know what? His program works. You know, your "zero results in four weeks" could be as easily attributed to inefficient workout routines as much as Betagem. You can't just take a supplement and expect to become Schwartzenegger.

Am I going to end up a ripped hulk at the end of the twelve weeks? I doubt it, but I have lost substantial weight, body fat, and am now lifting weights that I couldn't have budged at the beginning of the program. Is it due to EAS supplements? Maybe. I'm certain the Betagen, Phosphagen, and Protein supplements have had a positive effect on my muscle development, but let's face it. It didn't take me 12-weeks to become obese and it'll take far more than 12-weeks of EAS supplements and Bill Phillips program to become lean and ripped. I'm also not naive enough to believe that EAS supplements are the only supplements out there and will likely try several other brands when the competition is over.

But, Bill Phillips program , be it a marketing ploy or not, has taken lazy obese couch potatoes like myself and gotten us into the habit of improving our bodies, our life's routines, and gaining a awareness of health and nutrition in general. Is that such a bad thing?

By the way, here's a money saving tip: if you purchase your EAS supplements at a GNC in a mall that happens to have a competitor in that same mall, (Vitamin World), you will find their prices 15-20% lower than other GNC's throughout your community. Certain GNC stores are allowed to substantially lower their prices to squash the competition. An example is Betagen HMB. The price at other neighborhood GNC's is $97.00. But at the particular mall I go to, its price is just $67.99. Take from that the 20% Gold Club discount, and I wound up paying only $54.00 for the 1lb 5 oz container. So my lesson here is: don't blame Bill Phillips if you overpay for his products. Shop around. Make some calls. You don't have to pay full retail.

Enough said. I'm still a believer in the Bill Phillips/EAS lifestyle and products...but as said above, will ultimately explore other products lines.

Response #5

Well, I was about to write my opinion, but seeing as to the fact that the last response (response #4) basically says all that I believe, I'm just going to add a few things I know.

First of all, I don't think HMB/Betagen is worthless. Why? well, I remember a few weeks ago I wasn't taking it, and I was stuck on the same weight for my barbell curls, nothing I did made me go higher! I tried caffeine/stimulants, sure it gave me more energy, but my muscle just wouldn't give. I remember the first day when I tried Betagen, in the morning my muscles felt so hard! (I know it wasn't the Creatine, because I started the Betagen the day after I ran out of Phosphagen HP), well, Two days after, I did the same reps with bicep curls with 10lbs more!!! I couldn't believe it!! and my leg presses went up 25lbs!! is it a placebo effect??? I guess I can't be 100% sure, but I had tried everything else, and nothing worked until Betagen.

As for Bill Phillips himself, obviously he's in it to make money! I would be too! I mean it is a company!! and I think they are generally more expensive because of all the publicity, advertising, contests and such that they are doing. I remember a year back, I was 30lbs overweight, and I was the idiot of the school, everyone made fun of me. For years, I did so bad in my classes, and I hated what I saw in the mirror so much! Then like 6 months ago I picked up a Muscle Media magazine, and that was it, the beginning of a new me! (damn! I can actually see my cheek bones now!!) I owe my new self confidence to Bill Phillips, and I trust him implicitly!

Response #6

Responses 4 and 5 are absolutely correct. I have also been on this body for life program for a few weeks and already feel like a new person. As for HMB, I've done some research and what I've found is that it works a whole lot better when taken with creatine rather than by itself. Also, EAS is one of the few companies that actually researches, tests, makes sure their products are pure, and contain the exact amount of ingredients printed on the bottle.

Response #7

All the negative people out there towards Bill Phillips and EAS should just chill out. Name one *&^%$# company or mag that promotes as much success and popularity into the sport of strength training as him? Wieder? What a f---ing joke! For me, motivation comes from regular Joe's that looked like s--- and then look like kings after a swift kick in the pants and hard work.

As for his contest enforcing EAS supplements. Who cares! It's a f---ing business! Besides, I believe that rule has changed. I think you can use any supplement you want now. You know what, I want to support him and his business. Am I a Bill Phillips disciple? Perhaps. Anyone who is willing to give me a video tape, audio tape, supplement manual, workout brochure all for FREE except for a kind request to donate to the Make a Wish foundation deserves more f---ing respect. No no, Let's buy some meathead's supplement from a company that does zip-ola for the promotion of our sport. Snap out of it. It's almost as loser-ish as Greg Zulak from Muscle Mag claiming Phillips is an opportunist for the charitable donations for Make a Wish foundation going to his tax write offs. Kids still benefit from the over $1,000,000 EAS has raised. You snap out of it too Zulak, do you throw your receipts away come April?


Response #8

The real question is not whether Bill Phillips is pushing a bad supplement, but rather, how are people's individual genetics reacting to the rigors or supplementation and workouts. I have been lifting for a while now, and I have tried supplements that are great, and ones that have done nothing. But no matter the case, genetics are still the make or break factor in determining whether you achieve the likeness of Arnold, or you simply improve your own health.

I think Phillips and EAS have done a tremendous job to claim their stake in the sports supplements market. But I for one know my genetic limitations, and I know which supplements have helped me.

Remember, body building is a "live and learn" lifestyle. We push ourselves down new, undiscovered territories, and then seek newer challenges. A wise man once said, "You win some, you lose some." I think that mentality along with dedication will do one better than pointing the finger at a businessman. If a supplement doesn't work for you, then don't buy it anymore. If it works, great incorporate it into your regimen.

Response #9

HMB/Betagen is a supplement that needs to be combined with a intense workout program. The product works best when you are starting a new hard program. For some people, this product doesn't work, but there are the same results for every other product in the world. Some people need it and some don't. For all the people who tried getting big by taking all the stuff in a couple weeks, it ain't happening in a short period of time. I play college football for a well-known university. I have just recovered from a bad shoulder injury. Through my training and diet and use of supplements, I have made strong solid gains and noticed a change in my muscle mass and health. So my hat is off to Bill Philips and his company.

Response #10

I am another who does not understand the hostility toward Bill Phillips. I was recently speaking with my nephew--who is a weight lifter. I mentioned that I was doing the 12 week challenge. He became very agitated and criticized Bill Phillips because he was making so much money. I ask what was wrong that? He had no answer. Yes, the EAS products are expensive. But they are good quality. Every EAS product may not be the best in it's category when compared with other companies, but you will not go wrong with them.

I do not believe that the EAS rules require that you use their products for the 12 week challenge. They did at first, but I think that has changed. At least, I could find no reference in the rules to suggest that you had to use them.

I have to agree with the other postings in that Bill Phillips has turned couch potatoes into in-shape healthy people. I will go beyond that: Even if Bill Phillips has completely evil motives (and I don't think he does)--WHO CARES! People are being helped with his program who would not be otherwise. IT IS, IN FACT, THE HYPE AND MARKETING THAT ARE LURING PEOPLE OFF OF THE COUCH AND INTO THE GYM! These are people who would not venture into a program any other way.

Do I think that Bill Phillips and EAS are above criticism? Of course not. I hope that he pays attention to some (not all) of the criticism and makes any necessary changes as we all should.

I am thankful for his program and hope he gets richer and richer. Why not?

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