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Consumer Review: HMB Is Better Than Creatine When It Comes To Building Muscle.

I feel that HMB does work. I cycle creatine and HMB. Two months creatine, one month HMB and one month off. HMB doesn't give the great pump that creatine does, but I do feel that my muscles are bigger and harder with HMB. I only take supplements with meals or meal replacements. This seems to be the best way to get the most out of these supplements.

Response #1

Do you take creatine and HMB together? If not try it, it'll give you better results. As you've said, protein will make these supplements more effective because of the added aminos.

Response #2

I find that Creatine and HMB in combination with an intensive workout regime work very well. I take HMB 3 times daily with breakfast and lunch. Then, immediately after a workout, I will eat a few cooked chicken breasts and down the evening's HMB with them plus a creatine drink. I also normally take a protein supplement at this time. I find that a high protein intake immediately after a workout helps to prevent muscular stiffness the following day.

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