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Consumer Review: HMB Is A Good Fat Burner, But It's Too Expensive.

I am a 16 year old sophomore football player. I have been taking HMB from Weider for 3 weeks and my bench has went up only 10 pounds in 3 weeks and I'm only at 260. But when I was on HMB with a diet, I lost a lot of fat and 10 pounds so I think it's a good fat burner, but really expensive.

Response #1

That's because HMB isn't a fat burner. If you RTFM (read the fine material), you'll know that HMB (a.k.a. b-hydroxy b-methylbutyrate monohydrate) is a branched chain amino acid. What does this mean for your body? Well supposedly, HMB minimizes protein breakdown in your body. That means less muscle damage and better recovery from tough workouts. Your diet was probably what contributed to the weight loss. Whoever told you HMB was a fat burner doesn't have a clue. If you want a good thermogenic, try Hydroxycut instead.

Response #2

I agree with above. A lot of companies market HMB as a fat burner, but this is due to two things. Often HMB is taken when dieting as it is anti catabolic, therefore reducing muscle breakdown when protein isn't abundant. And 2, if you are making muscle gains, you are going to burn fat.


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