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Question: What Are The Benefits And Potential Dangers Of Taking Supplemental Lecithin?

What is lecithin? What are the sources of lecithin? What are the benefits of taking supplemental lecithin and what is the downside, if any, of taking supplemental lecithin? How does it work in the body? Can we have too much lecithin in our body? As, you can see, I would like to be enlightened on the whole range of questions related to lecithin. Some lecithin products are mixed with vitamin E. What value is there in the combination, if any? Is there a downside to taking lecithin this way.

Thank you very much.
J. S.

Answer #1

Lecithin can help reduce cholesterol in your body. Eggs, for example, have lecithin in the yolk, which is one reason egg yolks aren't as bad for you as some may say. When you eat an egg, your body uses the lecithin to help reduce the cholesterol. You can buy lecithin in bulk at a health food store and either mix it in your food or make your own tablets. If you're looking for some visible difference in your body after using lecithin, you won't see any, but your cholesterol level should improve.

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