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Question: Is It Possible To Increase The Amount of Melanin In The Body?

Hi, I was wondering if you could help me? I have read certain articles on the way that the amount of melanin in our body determines how dark our skin is as well as other things. Is it possible to increase the amount of melanin in our body? I saw this segment on a health medicine show where a man was given a series of injections over a matter of time and gradually his skin became darker. I was not sure if it was melanin or something else. Any information on this topic would be greatly appreciated . Do you know of some product which can do the same?

Question expanded by another reader.
I would like to know if there are supplements I can take to make my skin tan better or just to make my skin darker without tanning. I have read the letters, and still there seems to be no answer. Please advise.


Answer #1

The amount of melanin in the body is difficult to produce, hence, sun screens and the like. Not withstanding, I have access to a project that does produce melanin and is able to generate an all over tan without exposure to the sun. If you have interest in assisting in funding this project, please respond so that the proper disclose documentation can be prepared.

Kind regards

Response #1 To Answer #1

I am interested in this form of tanning. I am fair skinned and would love to know how to tan without the sun. Can you provide more information about the project you are involved in? What tests/studies have you conducted? If you can provide more information, I would be interested in assisting in the funding of the project and viewing the disclosure documents.

Response #2 To Answer #1

I am writing in regards to your proposal on your form of producing melanin. Please give at least a general explanation of how this can be done. Does anyone else know if this is possible or is this guy a charlatan?

Thank You,
Todd L.

Response #3 To Answer #1

I am VERY interested in this new project. I am a fair person who's always wanted to have a dark skin. However with today's sun it is almost impossible to do so. If this is real, baby, then I'm a 100% in. I would like to find more about this new project.

Faithfully yours,

Response #4 To Answer #1

This is in response to answer #1. I am responding so that the proper disclose documentation can be prepared. I have done a good deal of research on the topic and, being fair skinned, would love to hear what you have to say. I don't know how old this article is, but I would be willing to assist in funding the project.

Joe G.

Answer #2

To all fair skinned people, especially the doctors. Melanin is NATURALLY produced by the dark skinned people of the world. You know who the dark skinned people are RIGHT? THE MINORITIES. For example, Native Americans (who are now called African Americans), the Aborigines in Australia, the plentiful tribes in Africa, the West Indians, etc.

Since Melanin is a naturally occurring God-given substance that the dark skinned people of the world are blessed with, IT CANNOT be MAN-MADE! Anytime someone is being injected with Melanin, they are being injected with a substance that was extracted from the pineal gland of a dead DARK SKINNED PERSON. People that do not have color (fair-skinned) have calcified pineal glands, which thwarts Melanin production (which is why some people CAN'T TAN), thereby limiting their moral, spiritual, and physical capacities.


There is a vast amount of documentation on Melanin. PLEASE DO YOUR RESEARCH TO FIND OUT WHAT THE TRUTH IS.

Answer #3

If the writer of the Answer #2 would have done the research a little better himself, he would have known that it is not melanin that is produced in the pineal gland. It's a mistake that I also made when first hearing about melanin and its ability to darken one's skin color. I myself also suggest that one should do a little research into both subjects before commenting on them.

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