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Question: Can I Keep My Hair From Turning Grey By Consuming Melanin?

Apparently, the amount of melanin affects hair color. But where does melanin come from? Can it be found in foods? Will getting enough, even if it is through supplements, help maintain one's "natural" hair color, such as keep it from turning gray or return it to its previous color if it is already graying?

Answer #1

My answer to your question would be that if it was this easy to maintain hair color, this would have become a billion dollar industry by now and come into the mainstream. Reversing a skin tan or maybe even getting it to tan faster would be easier. I guess for people with a darker complexion, they just need to dampen the action of melanocytes and the other way around for people who want to get a tan complexion. But hair looks like a whole different ballgame.

There are people who sell "Melanin Shampoos and Conditioners," but the effectiveness of these for changing hair color has not been proven. It's more to protect your hair and scalp from sun burn.

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