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Note: The content on this page pertains to a prior formulation of this supplement which contained a stimulant ingredient that is no longer approved by the FDA. Current formulations of this supplement do not contain this ingredient.

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Consumer Review: I Got The Worst Bunch Of Cold Sores On The Inside Of My Lip While Taking Metabolife.

I have heard that Metabolife affects your immune system. I have been taking 2 tablets per day for about 3 mos. I have lost 10 lbs., which I'm very happy with. I really only want to lose another 5. Last week I developed the worst bunch of cold sores on the inside of my lip. I haven't had a cold sore for probably 10 years and never in that location. The few times I did have them, they were only above my lip. Is there a connection? Does Metabolife deplete the immune system?

Response #1

I too am just starting into another sufferage of a cold sore. I absolutely hate them! Luckily, I haven't had to deal with this experience more than perhaps once per year. Anyway, In search of remedies to this wonderful little ulcer, I came across the cold sore comment and thought I'd add that I also have been taking an off-brand copy of Metabolife (called Metab-O-LITE, caffeine free) for about three months (4 tablets/day, twice per day).

I have heard nothing about this drug depressing the immune system and the cold sore may have nothing to do with it. Nonetheless, it did occur at about the same time as that of the other respondent and I have not been suffering from an illness, stress, or over exposure to the sun. Perhaps this may lend a statistic to someone who may have made a connection.

Response #2

I am taking metabolite, which I bought accidentally thinking it is metabolife. I am taking one a day, and last month had the worst case of cold sore which the doctor called it same as herpes, and took me three weeks to get rid of it. After reading the above comment, it makes me think may be that was the reason, especially since I had never experienced such problem before.

Response #3

I've dealt with cold sores my entire life. The only solution I've found for these damn things is going to my dermatologist and getting a prescription for zovorax. As soon as I feel the tingle of one coming (usually the night before it breaks out), I take a pill, then take it twice a day for about a week. IF it does come out, it's very limited and heals quickly.

Response #4

I don't take metabolife or whatever, but I know that there is a correlation between the supplement and cold sores. If it indeed does suppress the immune system, well, there's your reason why cold sores form. There are many people who have the herpes simplex virus 1 but don't have outbreaks. But a suppression of the immune system will cause them to come out. If they really are bothersome, try taking an amino acid called L-Lysine. It can be found in any drug store or grocery store. Taking supplements called Yinchiao will be even more effective if taken regularly with L-Lysine. Trust me...if you've got cold sores, these pills are the way to go!

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