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Consumer Review: N-Large Helped Me Gain The Weight I Wanted, But It's Making My Wallet Too Thin.

I began taking N-Large by Prolab around two weeks ago. It contains only 11 servings (4 scoops) per container. They say to take 1-1.5 servings a day. I took half of a serving after my workout and another half before I went to sleep. If I didn't workout that day, I would take half a serving after dinner. I would take half a serving with 8 oz. of whole milk giving me 34g of protein per half a serving. After taking the whole container of N-Large, I gained about 4 pounds. This also happened when I took the N-Large last year, so it does work.

The only bad side effect is in your wallet. One container retails for $29.99 at GNC, but remember you can get 20% off on Super Tuesdays. Even with the discount, you'll still pay over $70 a month for this stuff. But, since it works, I'll probably buy two more next month! Also, there are no side effects, this is just a weight gaining protein powder.

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