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Consumer Review: Weider Products And EAS Phosphagain 2 Worked For Me.

Dear friends,

I am from Quebec, in Canada, so my first language is French. I am 20 year old. I am going at University in Physical science and I work as a trainer in a gym. I practice musculation since 2 years and I tried many kind of products. I gained about 20 pounds of muscles in 2 years. The Weider products don't have a good reputation, but they worked for me. I tried the weight gainer 2 times and it made me gain 20 pounds in muscle and fat. After that, my belly was too fat, so I lost a few pounds with cardio exercises. The best product I tried after that was the Phosphagain 2, by the company EAS. It made me gain 5 pounds of lean body mass in 1 week.

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