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Consumer Review: Phosphagen Is Helping Me Build Muscle With No Ill Effects.

I just started working out again at the age of 33. After a few weeks in the gym I had lost some weight and gained some strength and thought I'd try creatine. I use Phosphagen by EAS.

I immediately found those lost pounds. In about a week I gained about 15lbs. Although I have had my body composition retested since then, I don't worry about these pounds because I feel a lot of muscle that wasn't there even two weeks ago. I believe the pounds are a mix of water weight and muscle, and not fat. But I am very disciplined in my diet.

I haven't noted any ill effects. I am a bit hyper during the day, but I am also taking an herbal thermogenic and I think the effect is from that rather than the creatine. I am on the edge of dehydration all the time, and it took a while but I'm finally learning to drink water all day long. I've had some nausea after taking creatine but only when it was included in a smoothie with whey protein. I suspect the nausea is the whey, not the creatine, since I took my loading doses with water two weeks ago and never had any problem.

I do feel stronger. My workouts are getting more intense and systematic and I should be able to say more in the next few weeks about strength increases. I wasn't worried at all about creatine use until I read some of these reviews.

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