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Consumer Review: Phosphagen Gives Me More Muscle Mass, But It Disappears When I Stop Taking The Supplement.

I have taken EAS Phosphagen sporadically for the past two years. My opinion about the supplement and its results remain fairly mixed. Creatine is a natural substance, but for that matter, testosterone is as well. Creatine functions as a water retainer in the body's muscles. Muscles, which themselves consist largely of water, swell while on the supplement. Personally, I seem to gain from 5 to 10lbs while taking Creatine and have a slight bloated feeling at times. My numbers do seem to improve about 5-10% during these periods. The supplement, however, is no miracle worker and both my weight and numbers recede during "natural periods." I'm leaning towards discontinuing usage as proper eating and intense lifting may actually be better...and cheaper.

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