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Question: Have You Heard Of A Company Located In California Called Shaklee That Made The Products Exceed and Physique?

A long time ago I used to take products from a company in California called Shaklee (sp ??). They used to make a products called "Exceed" and "Physique". Are they still in business ? Are there any side effects known to their products? From what I remember their products were all made from plant extracts using no man-made chemicals.

Thanks for your time,

Answer #1

Shaklee is still around and better then ever. I love their products because they are clinically tested, all natural, safe, and very effective. Physique is the one that I like most.


Answer #2

Physique is an after workout supplement I used while I was bodybuilding ten years ago. I got tremendous results. I also took Shaklee's soy protein three times a day in addition to my three meals a day. It was a cheaper and more convenient way to get my required six daily meals. As I prepare to train again, I have looked at the EAS supplements and found these two Shaklee products to be superior to Myo-plex and at a lesser price. Shaklee is a multi-level marketing concept and you should be able to find an independent distributor in your area. Heck, you could become one if you chose to. They really do have marvelous products.


Answer #3

Shaklee Corporation is as vital as ever, producing "products in harmony with nature and good health" for over 40 years. Check out their web site at One of the many great things about Shaklee's approach to producing supplements is that they do much research themselves, unlike any other supplement producer to my knowledge. To date, Shaklee has had over 90 research abstracts published in peer-reviewed journals. They believe in doing the scientific research to prove a need for a supplement, then produce organically-grown, often kosher-certified, guaranteed potency supplements in as natural a state as possible. They do not product 'fad' supplements, and only offer products they can prove are the best on the market. Shaklee products are sold only by distributors.

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