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Note: The content on this page pertains to a prior formulation of this supplement which contained a stimulant ingredient that is no longer approved by the FDA. Current formulations of this supplement do not contain this ingredient.

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Ripped Fuel

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Consumer Review: Ripped Fuel Turned Me Into A Crazed Maniac...And I Still Got Cut From The High School Football Team.

I did something stupid like take 6 pills before football because I figured being 6 foot 5 inches 315lbs that it would not be real dangerous, but my every muscle in my body cramped up after drinking up to 4 gallons of water before practice. Now I only take two pills a day around 2:30 and I go to Football at 3:30 and feel great during practice. I get no muscle fatigue and it made me nutz though after practice. I still get nutz and probably a perfect example for a road rage candidate on the way home. But I have learned to chill out. Laying around, I notice I want to get up and go do something and I can feel my heart rate beating faster, but I am definitely more cut. I weigh 265 now and complete the conditioning during practice with flying colors. I even hang with receivers. I will say I did notice when we ran sprints I did feel a little light headed afterward, but I think it is because I am really out of breath because I run harder when my muscles don't fatigue.

Be careful if you take it. I never personally tried taking it 3 times daily. I know it is like taking speed, it messes with your heart maybe not now but in the future. I know a girl who tried to get a rush of it and took 15 pills and spent a week in the hospital. MOST IMPORTANT: EVEN WITH RIPPED FUEL I STILL GOT CUT FROM MY FOOTBALL TEAM. I'M 17 and am probably stopped growing. I also took this with a serious multi-vitamin and minerals that my track coach showed me too.

Anything sold at Publix is crap. I spent $85 on 2 months worth of vitamins and minerals so I was not taking crap vitamins. The weight loss I experienced I think probably had more to do with a diet change, but I think the increase in energy helped too. I have felt like killing people while taking it, which is kinda of weird because I am pretty mild mannered but it only lasts for about 4 hours (but remember my size) and this two and half to three of those hours were during practice.

I enjoy driving fast and after practice I drive like a complete maniac (going over a hundred on surface streets in Ft. Lauderdale during rush hour) because I am completely psyched up like an adrenaline high. I'm not sure if it helped but I also drink lots and lots of water, but that has more to do with the vitamins. I only took it because I thought it would help me in football and it did only a little. I think the same effects can be achieved on your own if you work out on your own and have patience.

Be careful with this crap. I wouldn't take it all day, just 30 min to an hour before workouts. I couldn't imagine feeling like this all day long, it it is probably hell on your heart. I took no other supplements but vitamins and I don't smoke weed or take any drugs and I stopped drinking before I started taking it. I think all supplements are not a good idea to take but I wanted that extra edge for football my senior year. It helped but no enough. It will make you crazy if you take it.

Response #1

I play football in Anchorage, Alaska and my whole team took ripped fuel all season long. The whole energy boost made us animals! I'm about 5'11" 240 pounds. During games I would take 4 ripped fuels every half. I guess it might depend on the person, but, the only reason I would hurt after taking ripped fuel was because the energy high made it to where you couldn't feel it if you did get hurt.

Response #2

You guys are insane. What you're doing is abusing something that you know almost nothing about. I'd be careful if I were you because you could end up hurting yourselves. Yeah, it gives you energy and makes you more alert, but it shouldn't be used as a crutch to try and make you better football players. That's not what it's for. Trust me, you don't need that stuff to be good at football. I use it, but I only take the recommended dosage and I use it for bodybuilding.

Instead of relying on Ripped Fuel for energy, try getting enough sleep and eating right. That's the most effective way to maintain a high energy level and stay healthy in the process. That's also the best way to lose fat when paired with weight training. Ripped Fuel should only be used to burn fat, not as a crutch to give you energy. You're going to end up getting hooked on it and then you're going to be in trouble. It's just like any other stimulant--if you abuse it, you will hurt yourself. Instead of trying to be better football players by taking Ripped Fuel, try training harder in the off season. Trust me, it's A LOT more effective.

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