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Note: The content on this page pertains to a prior formulation of this supplement which contained a stimulant ingredient that is no longer approved by the FDA. Current formulations of this supplement do not contain this ingredient.

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Ripped Fuel

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Consumer Review: I Was Totally Healthy Until I Started Taking Ripped Fuel. Now, I May Have Permanent Damage To My Throat.

Don't take ripped fuel! I wish I would have never touched that garbage. I was 100% healthy until last week. This is absolutely true. I started ripped fuel 5 weeks ago, along with a good diet and good exercise/weight lifting. (NOTHING EXTREME). I felt really good the whole time, my work-outs were great. I even noticed results.

Things started changing. I got frequent headaches. I was really edgy. I noticed some blood in the stool one day. I was alarmed. I cut off the ripped fuel and took it easy for a day to see if it was my imagination or not. A few days later at work, I felt nauseated for no known reason. A few hours passed. I went into the bathroom and I just so happen to spit in the toilet and noticed my spit was red. I first thought maybe I bit my mouth or tongue and didn't remember. It occurred to me that I felt nauseated because I had been swallowing blood.

A few hours later the bleeding intensified. My tongue was red with blood. I went to the hospital. An examination showed the upper parts of my tonsils were bleeding. They gave me antibiotics in case of an infection and told me to keep a close eye on it. The next morning was awful. I woke up with clotted blood in my throat, a bloody nose and a stiff neck. I thought I was dying. I went straight to the hospital. I was given some medication for the bleeding (basically salt spray since there is nothing major they can do on upper sinus bleeding) and kept under observation for another 6 hours. It's now been almost a week and I'm still not back to normal. I'm not allowed to have aspirin, caffeine, blow my nose, etc. I get to go see a specialist to make sure no permanent damage has been done. All thanks to ripped fuel. Who knows what other bodily damage this is causing!

Response #1

I started taking Ripped Fuel Monday of last week and had the same effects...headache, fever of 102+, heart palpitations and racing, and a terrible throat. I stopped taking the junk Friday (so, took it for 5 days), but my throat is not right and I feel so weak. Just wondering if you got to feeling better as time went on.


Response #2

It seems that you guys out there do not follow instructions on how to take the pills you buy. Who knows how many pills you started taking at the beginning. Or how much is your caffeine intake without the pills. Before taking any supplement, read up on what you're going to take consists of. Ripped fuel has a strong stimulant. 910 mg Guarana seed extract, which stands for 22% of caffeine. People react different to the same drug. It works just like allergies. You can develop an allergy to something from night to morning.

Now, for the guy with the throat really seems that you're blaming the pill for something totally different that happened. For the other guy, yes, ripped fuel sometimes causes headaches, heart palpitations, excess perspiration, etc. But YOU are warned of this in the directions the bottle gives you! "Discontinue use if you experience rapid heartbeat, dizziness, severe headaches, shortness of breath, etc., etc."

So don't say the pill is junk if it just didn't work out for you. Writing that kind of bullsh–– in here just causes confusion in the mind of other guys who are planning to take the pill. And it may work excellent as it did for me. I have taken it for almost a year. Of course, stopping a month after 12 weeks of use. I've experienced headaches and increases sweat. When having the symptoms, I have just cut down the dosage for a while until I'm back to normal and then continued without any problem.

If you guys read a little before taking this product, you would've learned this is one of the strongest pills around. If taken with an aspirin it will create the best and strongest natural fat burning combination around. So if you're planning on taking something strong, also be mentally prepared that you may get side effects, as it is with everything in life.



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