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Note: The content on this page pertains to a prior formulation of this supplement which contained a stimulant ingredient that is no longer approved by the FDA. Current formulations of this supplement do not contain this ingredient.

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Ripped Fuel

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Consumer Review: Ripped Fuel Will Lose Its Effectiveness Unless You Cycle It Properly.

I am a 20 year old college athlete. About three months ago, I began to use Ripped Fuel in an attempt to get as cut as possible. I had a strict diet and workout regimen, and the product worked great. Approximately one month into my cycle, I noticed that the effect of the product started to decrease, so I began trying different doses and taking it at different intervals during the day. My results were what I expected, but were also rather interesting. If I ever took Ripped Fuel on an empty stomach during the day, I would become jittery and would have an enormous amount of energy. If I failed to work out or do some type of physical activity, I would be off the wall. After a few weeks, this experiment lost its effect as well.

Later on in my cycle, I tried taking more pills. The maximum I took at any given time was four pills. And expectedly, I once again had a tremendous amount of energy. I stopped taking the pills about a week ago and expected to go through some type of withdrawal period of tiredness and lack of energy. This was not the case, however, as I did not notice anything. My body reacted just as it had when I was taking the product. To anyone taking this product, I would conclude that it is safe and effective if taken in the right dosage with food. However, it must be taken in cycles, because after a while your body will build an immunity to it. I plan on taking the product again, but I will let my body recover, so when I do my next cycle, it will be equally as effective as it was during the first month.

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