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Note: The content on this page pertains to a prior formulation of this supplement which contained a stimulant ingredient that is no longer approved by the FDA. Current formulations of this supplement do not contain this ingredient.

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Ripped Fuel

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Consumer Review: Ripped Fuel Kept Me Up All Night Even Though I Took Less Than The Recommended Dosage.

After lifting for a few months and bulking up a bit, I decided I wanted to try a supplement that would help me get rid of the extra fat and love handles I have. A few of my friends have taken ripped fuel. They said it worked great for them and helped them with gains on their abs.

After taking not even close to the recommended dosage (I only took 1-2 pills a day) for about 4 days, I could not sleep at night. I didn't take the supplement long enough to be able to tell you if it worked or not. After 2 nights of laying in bed awake, I stopped taking it.

Response #1

The stimulants in the ripped fuel is keeping you awake. This causes all sorts of heart problems, from palpitations and irregular or upped heartbeats, to cardiac arrest. I would be very careful taking anything that ups your metabolism and makes you speed. I lost a lot of weight taking chromium picolinate. I would take the dose recommended and that has helped me just fine. It is a mineral found in foods like broccoli and peanuts. It will raise your metabolism without the speeding and jitters. Also, it won't kill you. One thing, you can't take more of this thinking it'll work better. It has the complete opposite effect. If you take more, you will gain weight.

Response #2

I've been taking Ripped Fuel for about a month (the recommended dosage as instructed) and I sleep like a baby. As a matter of fact, I have trouble sometimes getting up in the morning. The thing is, I take two in the morning before I work out (which it says to do). I go to the gym at 6 a.m., run for 15 minutes and then lift weights for an hour or so. At night, I generally try to run between 2-3 miles, so I'm expending enough energy that even if I drank coffee on top of it, I would still sleep. Try increasing the intensity of your workouts, or do what I do, and try to exercise in the morning and at night. The other thing is that only 22% (of the 910mg per 2 capsules - about 200mg) of the guarana comes from caffeine, so your body chemistry and the way it reacts with the ingredients in Ripped Fuel may be the reason you have trouble sleeping. Also, if you're just taking it in the morning without working out, this might be part of the problem too.

As far as the response about the stimulant causing "all sorts of heart problems," the only time I had heart palpitations from any kind of supplement was 6 years ago when it was readily available as a stand-alone supplement in tablet form. The small concentration in Ripped Fuel shouldn't give you problems if taken properly.

In terms of taking strictly Chromium Picolinate, I tried that a few years ago, and it did nothing for me. I actually got it from someone who was so disappointed with it that they gave it to me to try. Also, I would recommend you take as much time to research Ripped Fuel as you did to put it down. If you had, you would have realized that it does contain Chromium in addition to the other ingredients.

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