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Note: The content on this page pertains to a prior formulation of this supplement which contained a stimulant ingredient that is no longer approved by the FDA. Current formulations of this supplement do not contain this ingredient.

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Ripped Fuel

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Consumer Review: I Am Always Snapping At My Parents Since I Started Taking Stimulant-Free Ripped Fuel.

Hi, I have taken stimulant-free Ripped Fuel. I have not experience any side effects, except for the mood swings that I have. I am always uptight and moody when my parents are around. I used to be nice and chat with them, but I am always "jumping down their throats" and snapping at them when they try to talk to me. I never used to do this until I started taking Ripped Fuel. Besides that, I have lost some fat, except there is excess flab left over.

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