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Note: The content on this page pertains to a prior formulation of this supplement which contained a stimulant ingredient that is no longer approved by the FDA. Current formulations of this supplement do not contain this ingredient.

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Ripped Fuel

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Consumer Review: You'll Be Prepared For The Side Effects Of Ripped Fuel If You Use Your Common Sense.

Hello, I have been not only a bodybuilder and power lifter, but a true student and teacher of fitness and nutrition. For about six years now, I have taken all of thermogenic fat-burning supplements, TwinLab's Ripped Fuel, Xenadrine, Hydroxycut, Ultimate Orange and a few less popular brands. In essence, they all are the same and do the same thing. They all have very similar formulas containing E/C/A or white willow bark. Regardless of the particular brand you choose to use, if you take more than you're supposed to, common sense and logic should tell you the possible side effects, which are written on the back of every bottle, will be stronger and more probable.

When I first started taking Ripped Fuel, it made me hyper and irritable. WHY? Because caffeine has those particular effects on me, I knew that when I took it and expected it. If you take it on an empty stomach, you have nothing in your stomach to slow down the digestive process, and you will get the full effect of the the stimulants. If you haven't eaten, you don't have fuel for your body to utilize, so of course with your body going faster than normal, you're going to get dizzy and feel sick. You shouldn't even take aspirin, a relatively safe and very commonly substance, without eating because it can make you feel sick and give you stomach problems.

My point is, if you try it and it has an ill-effect on you, STOP TAKING IT! You should have guessed your body's reaction by your caffeine tolerance and the durability of your stomach, which can be tested by the way your stomach reacts to you taking any type of medicine without food. DO YOUR HOMEWORK BEFORE YOU TAKE ANYTHI! NG and USE YOUR COMMON SENSE and THE KNOWLEDGE OF YOUR OWN BODY to determine if a supplement is even right for you.

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