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Consumer Review: My Kids Refer To SAM-e as "Happy Pills" After They Saw How It Improved My Mood.

I've been taking SAM-e for 2 weeks. My children call them my happy pills...because I've experienced more positive feelings of happiness and I've been able to handle things in a much more calm manner without yelling. I have more energy and have been able to exercise daily again without feeling so fatigued. I also sleep much better after years of insomnia. The down side has been mid-afternoon sleepiness; initial dry mouth, excessive thirst, and crushing headaches. I began taking a multivitamin with emphasis on B-12 and folic acid daily as well, and have not been bothered by side effects since.

I read numerous articles and researched the American Medical Assoc., New England Journal of Health/Medicine articles as well to see the types of studies performed, the validity/reliability, etc. and came away impressed. The apparent concern appears to be questions regarding heart toxicity and dosage concerns. Pricing is ridiculous however....most people would have to have at least a 60 count supply/month for minimal and typical dosage at a cost of $35-$100. Might be better to wait until the novelty wears off....and the pirates who sell the stuff begin to abandon ship! It feels like it works to me, but again it has only been two weeks...will I need more...higher dosage....will I be willing to pay the scalpers? Unfortunately, I will not be able to answer direct e-mail inquiries....virus problems have made me skittish. Hope this info helps!

Response #1

I too have seen dramatic improvements in my mood and energy. These improvements are wearing off after only a week on it. I find the price to be too expensive also. I'm not sure if SAM-e is worth the cost, but I'm going to try to continue for awhile to see how it works.

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