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Consumer Review: SAM-e Has Relieved My Joint Pain, But I Think It's Giving Me Heart Palpitations.

SAM-e has relieved my joint pain but when I increased the dose to 200mg I think I experienced increased pulse rate and palpitations. Has anyone else had this problem?

Response #1

I have been taking SAM-e at 60 to 80mg per day for several months and found it very helpful in relieving joint pain. I reinjured my knee at Thanksgiving (rushing to catch a plane connection) and increased the dose to 100mg. To save money I switched to a brand of SAM-e that needs to be refrigerated to remain stable. I noticed some quickening of my pulse but assumed it was not related to the SAM-e. Also I stopped taking it regularly but finally finished the bottle.

Yesterday, after not taking any for SAM-e for 4 days, I purchased another bottle of it but in a 200mg dose. Within an hour of taking the SAM-e I experienced an intense feeling of my heart pounding. My pulse remained at about 95 to 100 beats per minute for 12-14 hours, although my blood pressure was quite normal. It was a very uncomfortable feeling.

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