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Consumer Review: I Use SAM-e As A Replacement For Antidepressants. It's Much Cheaper And Has None Of The Side Effects.

I find Sam-e an effective replacement for antidepressants with none of the side effects and less than half the cost. I've been taking 400mg a day for 3 months and am pleased with the subtle, but beneficial results. I have renewed energy and am able to combat insomnia with less tiring during the day. It is not a high inducing drug by any means but a useful tool.

Response #1

I've found Sam-e effective for depression and arthritis and it gives me a nice, steady energy with no side effects. Except, I consistently wake with a headache when I take it. Anyone else experience this?

Response #2

Yes, I have been experiencing headaches with SAM-e too. I'm plagued with headaches much of the time, but since I started taking SAM-e, they are worse and much more frequent. I'm also having aches and pains in my shoulders, arms, wrists, fingers, legs, and feet. My lower back pain is worse also. Has anyone noticed any of these side effects? I'm taking 200 mg twice a day and have been taking SAM-e for about 10 days.

Response #3

I was looking to see if one of the side effects of Sam-e might be headaches. I have been taking it for a month and have been extremely pleased with the subtle results. Yesterday I took a two tablets in the afternoon, instead of one in the morning and one in the afternoon. The result was an excruciating headache. I don't think I will take 400mg in one dose again. I have read that you can take 2- 4 pills per day - but no one ever says whether to take the pills all at once on over the course of the day. Thought I would relay my experience - so others won't have to suffer the type of headache I had.

Response #4

I have chronic depression and a psychiatrist recommended SAM-e for me. I have noticed that, while it helps me tremendously, I seem to get my headaches after the drug has worn off, usually after 12 hours of taking 200 mg. I've found that after about 9 hours or so, I benefit from taking another one; usually if I'm going to extend my day after work.

Response #5

I find that I now awaken WITHOUT a headache because of taking SAM-e. I used to awake with a particular type of headache after 8 hours (or less) sleep. If I went back to sleep for another hour (total of nine), I would wake up without the headache and without the extreme irritability. I too am interested to know more about the interactions among sleep, headaches, and SAM-e. However, I'm also experiencing the greater energy, patience and interest in life that others have described, so I'm pretty committed to finding the right dosage of SAM-e. It's wonderful to be able to focus on tasks and emotions and relationships rather than always feeling like I'm in a fog.

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