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Consumer Review: SAM-e Is Giving Me Memory Loss And Loose Stools Without Helping My Depression And Binge Eating.

After trying a hail dozen antidepressants, mostly those boosting serotonin, I gave up. The various side effects, combined with a miniscule reduction of symptoms, convinced me to search elsewhere.

Both a psychiatrist and a psychologist said that I needed to take high daily doses of Sam-e (up to 1600 mg per day for at least 6 to 8 weeks for the full effects to be felt). It is now 9 weeks at 1600 mg. At 6 weeks, I was beginning to feel less depressed with no effect on binge eating. Today, the eating is worse and the depression is returning. I feel immobilized, tired, and am self-medicating with ever more food. While other drugs caused constipation, Sam-e seems to cause loose stools. The biggest concern is a loss of memory; it seems I am constantly being reminded of things I have said, and am embarrassed that I can't remember. While I've experienced this before under antidepressant meds, this seems much worse.

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