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Consumer Review: EAS Products Are Crap And They Are Too Expensive.

I have just started using EAS products and have found them to be no good and crap. I work in the security industry and being big and quick is a must. These EAS products haven't worked one bit. I have found that eating the right food groups and watching my protein and energy intake helps a lot more. Not only are EAS products crap, but they are way too expensive here in Australia.


Response #1

I have found that watching protein and energy intake works just fine, too. However, supplements aren't meant to be the end all. You have to watch what you eat too. If you take supplements and eat crappy foods, then the supplements probably won't have as much effect. You have to do both in order to achieve more spectacular results. Also, different people respond differently to different supplements. Don't generalize. It doesn't work that way. I have found the EAS supplements that I take to be high quality, effective supplements.


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