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Question: Do You Know Of Anyway To Increase Height In A 30 Year Old Male?

Do you know of any way to increase height in a 30 year old male?

Question expanded by another reader.
I have the same question. Is there any way to increase height at the age of 30 safely and without any side effects? I am desperate to know about this.

Question expanded by another reader.
I am only 5'4". I need to increase my height some three more inches. Is there any way for me to do so? If there is any surgery for this, please let me know.


Answer #1

Concerning height increasing, I've come across a surgeon in Korea on the internet who claims to be able to operationally increase one's height by 2 to 3 inches. I have not been able to find him again, but if you can't find him on the internet, I'll give you his address after I've relocated him.

Answer #2

If you could increase your height, don't you think everyone would be 6 foot 2?

Answer #3

Bones only grow in height for a certain length of time. Shortly after puberty, the growth plates close and the bone can no longer grow.

There is a procedure done to increase the height of people who suffer from various forms of dwarfism, however it is costly and invasive. It involves cutting the bone. Once the bone is cut, a special metal brace-like device is attached to the bone and protrudes through the skin. Every day, the wearer turns screws on the device which literally, slowly pull the bone fragments apart as they heel. This can be very painful, needless to say, and involves the cutting and stretching of muscle as well, which doesn't usually heal as strong as it had been.

Answer #4

I am also 30 and inadvertently added an 1 1/2" of height (5'10 1/2" to 6') by treating a nagging back injury. Apparently, by the time you are 30, some compression in your spine/neck may occur due to misalignment, lifestyle, gravity, posture, etc. In my case, chiropractor visits corrected 2 areas that affected my height: brought by legs to equal length (one was noticeable shorter) and realigned my neck, which actually made it slightly longer. I added extra stretching and anti-gravity exercises as well as made a concerted effort to build up my lower back, traps, and rear deltoids. My posture is much better, the nagging pain is gone and people have taken notice. The added height was a nice surprise when my M.D. pointed it out. I don't know if it was added or regained height, but it's worth a try.

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